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Best Radar Detector

If you're thinking about buying a radar detector for your car, then you undoubtedly want to purchase the best radar detector on the market. Although they were introduced many years ago, modern radar detectors have been vastly improved upon when compared to their predecessors. There have been many innovative technological developments that have made these devices more accurate and less detectable. Let's take a look at some of the benefits you might expect from a modern radar detector.

1. Stealthy
Radar detectors are an excellent way for people to avoid getting ticketed for speeding. One of the most common ways that police officers clock the speed of your car is with a radar gun. Radar detectors are so effective at alerting drivers to the presence of a radar gun, that a couple of states have banned them completely. Even where they aren't banned, law enforcement officials generally frown upon them and often suspect that a driver with a detector is someone who regularly tries to break the law. Luckily, you can now purchase radar detectors that are completely stealthy and look like any other car audio device. There is also no longer a need to mount them on your dash because they now come in different shapes and sizes that don't look like traditional radar detectors .

2. GPS Technology
GPS technology has become more and more common. Now, it has even been built into radar detectors. Many of the best radar detectors on the market will have a stored database of things like stop-light cameras and common speed traps. As you are approaching one of these areas, the device will alert you to watch out. Some radar detectors are even being built-in to GPS navigation devices. These are convenient because they serve the dual function of providing step-by-step directions to your destination, while also highlighting on the digitized map where speed traps and radar activity may be located. These devices are also quite stealthy because they simply look like a standard GPS navigation device

. 3. No More Speeding Tickets
The greatest aspect of radar detectors is that they can drastically reduce the number of speeding tickets you receive. Of course, it may be impossible to eliminate speeding tickets completely. For example, if a police officer isn't currently using their radar gun, the device won't be able to alert you of their presence. Therefore, if you drive by an officer while blatantly speeding, they may decide to pull out their radar gun and check your speed. Some traffic cops are now using a stopwatch to measure the speed of drivers and unfortunately, radar detectors can't detect stopwatches. The good news is that many radar detector companies offer to pay all the tickets you receive while using their device. Make sure to read the terms of these guarantees carefully. Usually it only applies to speeding tickets that are 10-15 mph above the posted limit, and the offer is typically valid for only the first 6 or 12 months after you purchase it. Still, this is a nice guarantee. Overall, radar detectors are a great thing to have in your car. They can alert you of cops, and you can drastically reduce the frequency that you get caught speeding.

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Best Radar Detectors
Red Light Cameras
Be made aware of any upcoming red light cameras, before it is too late.

Program consistant speed traps and false alarm location with GPS.

Stealth Installation
No more windshield mounts. Keep it convenient and hidden.

Watch Your Speed
Be aware when vehicle speed starts to creep up.