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Backup Camera System

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Backup Camera

No Longer a Luxury
Not long ago, a backup camera system for automobiles would be included within the realm of futuristic concept models and science fiction movies. However, a utomakers now include these systems in most family-oriented vehicles because today, camera systems are considered standard equipment. Currently, aftermarket backup camera systems are flying off the shelves of auto parts stores and auto customization shops. Once you try one, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

The intent of the backup camera system is to give the driver visual access to their blind spots. These are the areas surrounding the vehicle that without a camera, are extremely difficult to see. The camera or cameras record those areas and then transmit the signal to a monitor in the dashboard or center console area. With multi-camera setups, a control panel allows the driver to cycle through the views, or display the views in a split screen format. Due to the intricacies of monitor installation, the majority of consumers prefer to have the backup camera system professionally installed.

Wireless Backup Camera

Due to the nature of backup camera systems, there is a wide range of styles and configurations available. The style commonly installed at the factory includes a camera located in the taillight, which is hardwired to the monitor and control system in the dash. There are also wireless backup camera systems where the back up camera and receiver communicate via RF. These wireless backup camera systems are easier to self-install, but are more susceptible to interference. This is why you should talk to a back up camera expert at In Car Experts to help you make the right decision. There is also a wide range in the quality of the video recorded and the monitor on which it is displayed. While high-quality displays carry a premium, the ease-of-use they provide is generally worth the additional cost.

Many families require large vehicles, such as SUVs or minivans, in order to meet their capacity requirements. Anyone who has ever driven an SUV or minivan knows that there are areas in the rear that the driver is completely blind to no matter how they configure their mirrors. These blind spots have caused many crushed bicycles and trashcans. You probably even know of someone in your neighborhood that has done this, or perhaps you were the culprit. If it’s so easy to run over an object as large as a trashcan or bicycle, then imagine how simple it would be to not see a small child darting into the path of a reversing vehicle. This is why it is critical to have a backup camera system installed in your car or truck.

Today, a back up camera is not simply a luxury. Rather than waiting for that next new car, consider purchasing a system for your current vehicle and having it installed by a backup camera expert at In car experts. The cost of the equipment and the installation will be offset by the convenience and safety it provides.
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Backup Camera System
In-Dash Video
Adding a back up camera to your current in-dash monitor allows you to see what is behind you.
wireless backup camera
Rear view mirror
Replace your factory rear view mirror with models which have monitors built-in.
protect your children by seeing what is behind them
Protect your children
Reduce the chances of child back over due to the “Bye Bye” effect.
no vehicle damage by knowing what is behind you
Vehicle Damage
Seeing the car, post, pole, bike or any other object helps reduces the chances of rear vehicle damage.
available night vision backup cameras

Night Vision
With IR night vision, now you can even see what is behind you in the dark.
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