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HD Radio

Buy HD Radio For The Car And Hear The Advantage

The advancements in technology in recent years have created new entertainment options for consumers to add to their cars. There was a time when having an AM/FM car stereo was considered a car audio luxury in itself. Since then, the modern consumer has acquired a taste for something more detailed in their automobile stereo system. This is how installing a High Definition, or HD radio for the car comes into play.

Most people today are familiar with High Definition (HD) television. It is transmitted through a digital signal, locking in picture quality and clarity. An HD radio works in a similar way, thus producing a much higher quality of sound for the consumer.

What is HD Radio ?

In the past, analog broadcasting was the only option for listening to AM and FM radio. There is no doubt, this left the listener with limited options for their listening pleasure because the sound itself often was peppered with crackling noises, static, hisses and pops. Although radio stations are located at the exact same frequency number (FM 98.1 for example) with HD radio installed in the car, the improvements in clarity are immediately noticeable.

When you purchase HD Radio for your car, the sound of the radio stations are more comparable to that of a CD. Besides the upgrade to a better quality of sound, there is also a display window built into the receiver. This allows for special messages, such as weather alerts and the names of artists and song titles to be displayed. This informational text is possible due to the HD wireless data feature that comes standard with every new system.

Due to multicasting streaming abilities of HD radio, a radio station can offer a few options for formats. This allows for one channel to feature music, another for news, and yet another for weather to name a few. Other format capabilities might offer one channel in a specific language, while another channel is in English. These various channels are all broadcasted from within the same radio station, but in different formats. This impressive feature is turning the heads of savvy consumers everywhere.

You can buy HD radios from many large manufacturers who are now offering this system. There are plans for several others to jump on the bandwagon shortly. Some companies that currently offer this radio are Pioneer, Panasonic, JVC and Kenwood.

With HD radios for the car, the benefits are multifold. Not only will the distortion-free sound be crisp and clear with no more static running through a favorite song, but there will be the added ability of multicast broadcasting over a singular frequency. Best of all, the service is free, with absolutely no subscription fees. All that is required is the purchase and installation of an HD radio receiver for the car, and the driver will be good to go.

Installing an HD radio in the car makes for a pleasurable experience for long road trips. It also takes the monotony out of the routine of day-to-day driving. It's a great stress reliever and an effective way to unwind while driving home after work.

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hd radio advantage

More Stations
HD Radio offers more broadcasting than standard FM radio

add hd radio to your factory audio system
Factory Integration
Direct integration is available for most factory radios

hd radio is available for most aftermarket radios
Aftermarket Integration
Direct integration is available for most aftermarket radios

hd radio with no monthly costs
Purchase the HD radio tuner and that is it. No subscription required.

hd radio can be used anywhere
Use Anywhere
HD Radio can be integrated to any car, home, rv, boat and even portable devices